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Many would say I am a man on a mission. I would say the mission is to contribute to the uplifting of our planet through helping others make radical shifts in their health and food choices. I am a living foods advocate with a primary focus on raw plant foods, super foods, herbalism, natural spring water, and making innovative healing technologies available to everyone. The deep down mystery of nutrition is vast, the immortal phrase “You Are What You Eat” translates into every sector of our reality. It attracts and binds onto “You Are What You Think About”, yet takes a front seat as our nutrition provides the fuel for our thoughts, feelings, and spiritual agenda in this life. 

I was turned onto the power of natural nutrition as a young athlete pursuing a professional career. I had two serious knee injuries which sidelined my dreams until he found alternative options. Through the incorporation of raw foods I alleviated my injuries in one month and as my dreams were approaching fast I decided to take another path. I was so impacted to the core from my experience, both physically and spiritually, I now choose to devote my life to spreading this message of complete life transformation through the healing of our body temple. 

I spent my life from the age of 5 as a devoted martial artist highly influenced by eastern philosophy as well as many different spiritual ideas and paths. I helped lead a traditional Tae Kwon Do school for a number of years teaching hundreds of children, teenagers, and adults along with competing full time in tournaments. Bruce Lee was my first inspiration in life and still to this day remains one of my greatest heros I use as personal motivation.

My work is focused on the application of the most common and most powerful foods for healing and activating higher potentialities for ourselves. Some of my studies range from all categories of raw food nutrition, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalism, water science, neurological health, cancer and diabetes research, and my personal favorite subject, raw chocolate. 

My life mission is to be one of the biggest voices for this message in the world. I am public speaker who uses my ability to convey revolutionary ideas and alternative choices to audiences everywhere. I understand that if enough people hear this message then the power is in numbers and it will create a ripple effect that will transcend every foreseeable problem we currently are witnessing. The solution is always greater then the problem and he wishes to express this very idea to millions of teachers, businesses, parents and children worldwide! 

I am the author of The Live-It Lifestyle: Dropping Diets Forever!

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, February 22

5:00pm PST

Saturday, February 23

4:00pm PST


My Emcees Sessions

Friday, February 22

2:30pm PST

Sunday, February 24

1:30pm PST

4:00pm PST