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Dan the Man, the "LifeRegenerator", is a Certified Detoxification Specialist and has been studying plant based nutrition for the last 15 years. Dan has over twelve hundred free videos on his LifeRegenerator youtube channel that are based around raw food nutrition, juicing, detoxification, fitness and spirituality. He has been a tremendous inspiration and guide in helping people to take responsibility for their health in the simplest and most natural way- with the food we eat! With over 80 thousand subscribers and over 18 million video views, he has truly made an impact on the health and well being of people's lives all over the world. Dan's magnetic personality and true passion for regenerating every cell within his own body has made his daily show on youtube a contagious and inspiring ministry for those who are seeking the highest levels of health information. Fruits, Vegetables and Love! Can you dig it??

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