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Jonathan Bender

Authenticity Coach
Oakland, CA
I'm passionate about self-expansion, growth, and stepping into our power and our speaking with our true voice. And I'm passionate about this being FUN. As a theater director, actor and creator for my whole life, I believe all of life is a performance. And our job is to stop performing that which we learned through family and society - the patterns that aren't really us - so that we can become our true selves. And then we can heal, whole, expand and connect with others who are here to change the world, through the same fun and exciting tools that actors use to find presence, create characters, and more. We are here to be in community, and to step forward together into the world we all wish to see. We are the ones we have been waiting for - it's our sacred duty to create our world!

Oh - in lay terms, you might call me a coach who helps those passionate about changing the world and people's lives to be great public speakers and performers. I also help holistic practitioners, coaches and other conscious entrepreneurs to build thriving practices while remaining authentic, true to their calling, and absolutely non-salesy.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, February 23

12:30pm PST