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Steve Factor

LOS ANGELES, California
Steve Factor is a Certified Holistic Health Coach with extensive training in more than 100 dietary theories from the world's largest nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Steve is also a Certified Detoxification Specialist; his mentor, Dr. Robert Morse, N.D., is founder of the International School of Detoxification.

As the Pure Energy Chef, Steve is helping Whole Foods Market educate its customers on the enormous benefits of eating raw foods. This has not only increased awareness but their sales of organic fruits and vegetables. Additionally, he along with a team of raw chefs, provides private catering services in the Los Angeles area.

Steve's Holistic Health Coaching is available for one-on-one sessions or group settings. For those clients ready to take their health to the next level, Steve also designs and facilitates cleanses as a Detoxification Specialist.

Creator and Founder of RAWkin' Juice in Burbank.
Steve Factor is a frequent online video producer and interviewer of top raw vegan talent. He is an inspirational speaker who will motivate and encourage you to discover your PURE ENERGY!!!