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My core purpose in life is grounding in an elevated, enriched, expanded educational learning paradigm for today's youth, tomorrow's leaders! I am here to help to grow the process of natural life learning and bring forth timeless, student-centric lifelong learning solutions

I AM here to serve humanity by sharing sustainable business development, sacred body and breath awareness, personalized "Live-It" nutrition, wholehearted leadership and lifestyle empowerment facilitation. I will never stop helping others (re)discover the inherent greatness within themselves.

I AM the Visionary Director of Timeless Learning, a new company dedicated to creating a new educational paradigm. Our vision is to build community eco-villages around the world, with a focal point of holistic life education, and connect them through a clean energy powered intranet system. Combining conventional, indigenous, cosmic and cutting-edge technology, the classes and events from our campuses will be shared with millions of students at home via our virtual learning ecosystem. Our mission is to provide innovative learning solutions that inspire lives of unlimited purpose, passion and potential. 

Illumination, Love, Joy, Gratitude, Equanimity and Compassion to All. Namaste