Erika Henson G

Erika is a master of relationships. She has dedicated her life to sharing ancient principles and knowledge for healthy living, harmony in relationships, development of personal power, and general success in all aspects of social life, such as business. She is an educational consultant, life coach, and a healer who develops businesses offering servies to individuals recovering from stress, illness, addiction, abuse, and trauma.
Erika received her BA in Individualized Studies from New York University studying neuroscience, behavioral psychology, parenting & childrearing, creative arts therapies, and health and wellness – with an emphasis in recovery and detoxification. She is in progress of receiving her MA/PhD at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology. She is a certified massage therapist, self-healing educator trained at the School for Self Healing, a children’s yoga teacher, a raw foods- Ayurvedic chef and nutritional consultant with RawGuru.com.
Erika studies extensively in Russia, specifically in the mountains of Altai with healers and doctors in ancient lineages of Tantra, Ancient Siberian Shamanism, Altai-Tibetan Medicine, Astrology, Altaian Yoga, Aharata – a path of fitness and physical training for development of personal power and emotional strength, as well as Goddess work - development of feminine essence, together with healing and self healing. She has the gift of intuition and higher guidance and helps
people to find their path and quickly change their lives, finding harmony and success.