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Chireya Fox

Quantum Brand Coaching
Executive Director & Founder
Greater Denver Area
Bestselling author, seer, guide and mentor Chireya Dharma is a visionary and teacher of advanced psychospiritual energetics and law of attraction. Her mission is to assist in the awakening of humanity to our innate divinity, healing beyond the old patterning of the past age so we can live our fullest potential.

Founder of the New Earth Vision Portal, Anchor The Dream, Visionary Stewardship, and Energetic Activism, Chireya's curricula have a place in the "Invisible Structures" category of Permaculture, and helps organizations and individuals leverage the etheric power of thought and vibration to make creating new earth realities more graceful and smooth.

A proponent of self-responsibility and the reclamation of our innate innocence, Chireya is a vision holder, emissary and practitioner for the complete healing of all beings.

Her books available on Amazon include the bestselling "Fall In Love with the Beloved Within", "Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You", and more.

Formerly an event producer known as Chireya Laura Fox, Chireya has produced, co-produced and executive produced numerous events since 2007.

Also a Branding expert, Chireya offers Quantum Brand Coaching to visionaries, world servers, and heart centered entrepreneurs.